Each year Olson attempts to snag the most motivated advertising graduates for its summer intern program. In addition to their application letter and resume, applicants are asked to undertake a unique creative challenge. In 2015 we challenged them to record an elevator pitch - for themselves. The tricky part? Well, actually there were two tricky parts. One: they had 60 seconds. Two: It had to be done in an actual elevator.

To reinforce the idea we created a website where applicants could interact with an actual elevator, pressing buttons to explore floors and get the info they needed. We even equipped it with an 'emergency call button' and filled it with musak. 

We received hundreds of applications. Some good. Some bad. But all served to promote the program and the agency. And the elevator must have worked. Olson used it again in 2016 and 2017.

You can experience the O-Tern Elevator for youself here.

DESIGNER: Anna Moorse

#OternElevator - Kyle Nossaman

We received a lot of applications. This was one of my favorites. Well produced. Funny. Smart. Just like Kyle. Connections Strategy O-tern Application - Kyle Nossaman #OternElevator For additional entertainment, feel free to view my application video side-by-side with the original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qHA366oRMs).