Just write a manifesto. It's a common request and one that I relish in. Every client likes a manifesto. And I like writing them. Here are a few I've put together recently. Some sold in. Some didn't. But all were fun to write.



(a little context - VENN is Norwegian for friend and the brand is about bringing people together for good times - not rowdy ones)


At Venn, we brew different.

We’re not about beating our chest.

More about what beats within it.


We choose our rye, with a discerning eye,

Mix our hops, with a little bit of heart.

Because beer is not our business.

It is our passion.

And we want it to be yours.


We don’t seek to shock your taste buds.

Or intoxicate prematurely.

We seek to satisfy with every sip.

Every pour and every pint.

To warm and lubricate.

Friendships and good times.


We brew not to create stories, but to encourage their telling.

From one drink to the next.

Expect no fleeting pleasures.

We’re not here to be your one beer stand.

Commitment is what we seek.

And offer, unwaveringly.

Unquestionably. Unconditionally.


At Venn, we brew different.

Just the way you like it.



(a little context - BCM had never advertised. They wanted a manifesto to rally the troops that was collective and represented all of the College's diverse operations - reaserch, education, community outreach and medicine)


There’s no room for impossible in medicine.

No time for “just wait and see”.

And destiny never, ever reschedules.

So we keep pushing.

Unraveling the mysteries of the human body.

Giving life to possible.

In cures.

In treatments.

In dedicated doctors, steadfast nurses and promising students.

Because when we do, when we come together as one, impossible has nowhere go…but away.



(a little context - FLEISCHMANN'S wanted to reinvigorate the baking community, excite them about once again baking from scratch)


It’s time to elevate yourself.

To revisit childhood memories and make your mother proud.

To seek help from friends and explore the unknown.

To face your fears and start from scratch.

It’s time to take time. It’s time to believe.

It’s time to rise.



(a little context - UMD wanted to step away from big its big Twin Cities brother, and assert itself as a school for those who learn by doing and get things done)


Those who can, learn by doing.

Those who can, respect those who came before.

Those who can, seek knowledge from their elders.

Those who can, find lessons in the trees.

Those who can, see possibilities in problems.

Those who can, turn dreams into bridges.

Those who can, embrace the elements.

Those who can, dig deep for answers.

Those who can, get their hands dirty.

Those who can, give back.

Those who can, Duluth.