Houston is a pretty competitive market when it comes to health services. Home of the Texas Medical Center, the city abounds with hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities all hoping to serve patients/customers from all over the state, country and the world. The seed from which the Medical Center grew, Baylor College of Medicine plays an integral role in serving many of the hospitals in the area and keeping a steady flow of talented doctors, nurses and reserachers coming into the state. Yet, few knew of the College, and those who did, assumed incorrectly that it was connected to Baylor University in Wako.

So we set about changing all of that, with a campaign that highlighted the four guiding principles of the College (Research, Education, Patient Care and Community) in a unique and memorable way. Engaging Nadav Kander for our print and Stuart Parr for television, we captured real doctors, nurses and students in a striking and poetic way, and with headlines and copy that carried that same emotive feel, really cut through.

Behind the Scenes

It was important that we use real doctors, nurses and students for this campaign. And they did a stunning job.